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How do I display the map in a module ?

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Yes, you can display WISroGIS maps in a module's position.

You need to download and install a module that would allow you to insert plugins into module's positions, as it is Plugin in Module

Download and install the module, then access the module's configuration and add there the code for the map you want to insert - in the Plugin to Execute Field. For example, to insert the map with ID #8, enter there WISroGIS map_id='8' ~

After you have successfully configured the module, enable it then move it to the position where you want to display the map.

You can see such map inserted in the left position of this article.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 February 2011 15:08  

Map as Module


The top Joomla maps publishing extension just gets better: WISroGIS 2.2 Webris is out of the box !

  • Create your own maps from images with  Zoomify layers (historical maps, custom plans - shops, floor plans etc);
  • Article geotagging management allow instant article overlay on maps from your Joomla site (articles from sections and/or categories);
  • Added restricted map extent and min/max resolution options;
  • Configurable map background color and alignment for best appearanc in your articles;
  • Improved HTML map description
  • Search plugin allows to search for maps and/or layers names or description
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