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... Earth OpenStreetMaps KML layers - local and remote files GPX (navigation tracks) layers Custom coded layer - WMS, WFS etc placemarks (locations markers) visual management - geo-location ...
22. Sample map slideshow
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... Layer Switcher): Google Satellite, Google Streets,OpenStreetMaps Mapnik,OpenStreetMaps Osmarender. Various travel locations from around the world. Short description of placemarks courtesy to wikipedia.org. ...


August 2012: WISroGIS 3.5 for Joomla comes with upgraded OpenLayers 2.12 JavaScript core

Read more and order !


Key features:

  • OpenLayers 2.12 core JavaScript upgrade
  • Set title, description and keywords (list of layers) tags for map pages
  • Added keyboard control for the map (enabled from map's configuration)
  • Layer Switcher (map legend): external option in map configuration
  • VirtualEarth layers switched to Bing since OpenLayers 2.12
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