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41. WISroGIS Revision History
... map   May 09, 2012 - WISroGIS Webris 3.4 rev.3 *     0000274: [Bug] Placemarks multiple layers not showing *     0000275: [Bug] Backend articles geocoding fetch coordinates not working (Google ...
April 2012: WISroGIS 3.4 rev.1 brings fully translated Italian interface. Thank you, Massimo, for your hard work !
43. WISroGIS 3.4 out of the box
... upgrade * 0000260: [GIS] OpenStreetMaps Osmarender layer no longer supported (service retired) * 0000266: [Interface] Language detection issue (language file renaming) * 0000263: [Bug] Geotagged categories ...
... upgrade Set title, description and keywords (list of layers) tags for map pages Added keyboard control for the map (enabled from map's configuration) Layer Switcher (map legend): external option ...
March 01, 2012 WISroGIS Webris 3.3 rev.2 is released, containing a number of important bug fixing March 01, 2012 - WISroGIS Webris 3.3 rev.2 * 0000256: [Bug] Map not saving changes on Joomla 2.5 * ...
WISroGIS Webris 3.3 is available for download now ! As of February 28, 2012 WISroGIS Webris 3.3 rev.0 is released: * 0000056: [Feature] Add Copy option in Maps and Layers Manager  * 0000241: [Feature] ...
47. Custom layers (WMS, TMS)
(News/Latest Maps)
Map below shows a number of custom layers from various 3rd party servers, all shown as base layers, as well as Google Maps types; Latest Visitors layer overlayed. Layer Layer Code ArcGIS ...
... [Feature] Searchbot - Joomla 1.7/2.5 compatibility  * 0000234: [Bug] SOBI2 layer bugs  * 0000233: [Interface] Backend configuration options re-group  * 0000228: [Interface] Show/Hide Map Title in Single ...
... the article geocode information into both the f2c- and WISroGIS tables at the same time. With this integration you can let the visitors display their articles on the map.  ...
August 2011: WISroGIS Webris 3.1 is Joomla 1.7 compatible. All Joomla! 1.6 users are being advised to upgrade to the latest Joomla version 1.7, as Joomla.org will continue to provide support for Joomla ...
51. Placemarks Clustering
(News/Latest Maps)
... (marker) will be shown, together with the number of placemarks found there. Zooming the map in/out will re-compute the clusters accordingly. You can control the behavior of the cluster ...
52. Simple ESRI Map
(News/Latest Maps)
You can easily create a Simple ESRI map using the layer from ESRI's server. Alternatively, the Google Satellite layer can be selected. The map uses a custom layer to access a map cache provided in ...
53. Multiple waypoint routing
(News/Latest Maps)
WISroGIS Webris 3.0 features a new routing extension (based on OpenStreetMap Routing Service). Sample map shows routing interface below a multiple base layer map - Google Streets, Bing Aerial and OpenStreetMaps ...
April 2011: WISroGIS Webris 3 for Joomla 1.6 is available ! The new WISroGIS for Joomla 1.5/1.6 brings new features and improved jQuery frontend interface: Placemarks Slideshow on map with limit ...
55. WISroGIS Webris 3.1 released
... placemarks listing below the map Layer visibility on/off on map initial view Layer display in map legend on/off Custom icons for layers in legend  ...
Starting with MAsrch 12, WISroGIS Webris 3 for Joomla 1.6 has reached the beta stage. The new WISroGIS for Joomla 1.5/1.6 is expected to be released by the end of March.
57. Placemarks Slideshow
(News/Latest Maps)
Various travel locations from around the world. Short description of placemarks courtesy to wikipedia.org. Map's initial position and zoom level is automatically determined so that all placemarks are ...
58. WISroGIS Webris 2.3
Click to order now ! WISroGIS Webris version 2.3 just released ! Key features of the new version: Visual SOBI2 layers addition and management Dynamic map centering based on layers content ...
Yes, you can display WISroGIS maps in a module's position. You need to download and install a module that would allow you to insert plugins into module's positions, as it is Plugin in Module Download ...
60. Joomla articles geotagging
(News/Latest Maps)
This is a sample map for article geotagging; it shows an overlay with the articles from 'Latest Maps' category for which the geotagging information was set. All articles share the layer's chosen icon, ...


WISroGIS Webris version 2.3 just released !

Key features of the new version:

  • Visual SOBI2 layers addition and management
  • Dynamic map centering based on layers content - articles, SOBI2 entries, placemarks or visitors IP address
  • Layers filter by type in backend for quick selection
  • Usage statistics in WISroGIS control panel
  • Server version check for updates with display of revision history
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