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1. Zoomify map for avialogs.com
(WISroGIS - Maps)
Sample map for Zoomify layer courtesy to avialogs.com. The map's projection (Advanced configuration) is set to EPGS:900913 to¬†accommodate¬†pixels as measurement units - zoom levels and restricted extent ...
2. Yahoo Maps
(WISroGIS - Maps)
This map lists all base layers available from Yahoo Maps: Normal, Satellite, and Hybrid. ...
3. WMS maps
(WISroGIS - Maps)
Sample combined WMS layers: OpenLayers basic WLS layer, world map from demis.nl and digital emevation model from ICEDS. On top of these base layers the 4th WMS layer is overlayed (borders and cities from ...
4. Weather map
(WISroGIS - Maps)
... layer, together with search and routing extensions.  ...
5. Visitors Map
(WISroGIS - Maps)
... exchangeable baselayers  ...
6. OS OpenSpace
(WISroGIS - Maps)
Ordnance Survey OpenSpace map, combined with Google Hybrid and Yahoo Satellite exchangeable base layers. Please note there is a slight difference on base layers change, due to the projection transformation ...
7. OpenStreetMaps
(WISroGIS - Maps)
OpenStreetMap creates and provides free geographic data such as street maps to anyone who wants them. Osmarender layer no longer supported (service retired); unpublishing layer in WISroGIS Layers Manager ...
8. My ESRI Map
(WISroGIS - Maps)
Show the use of the custom layer to access a map cache provided in spherical mercator by ESRI (from ESRI's server).  ...
9. Mount Etna
(WISroGIS - Maps)
Large-scale overlay on Bing Roads/Google Terrain/OpenStreetMap base layers - overlayed KML image shows Mount Etna erupting on July 13th, 2001. Same image is overlayed twice - 100% and 50% opacity. Disable ...
10. MapQuest Layers
(WISroGIS - Maps)
This map displays the maps available from MapQuest: two base layers, one for the MapQuest-OSM Tiles and the other for the MapQuest Open Aerial Tiles. The map is set to use EPGS: 900913 projection.  ...
11. Mapping GPX navigation data
(WISroGIS - Maps)
Multiple base layers with GPX files overlay: Zoom to each region (country) to see details of navigation tracks: Czech Republic, Austria and Netherlands. The first two tracks have only track information. ...
12. London Map and routing
(WISroGIS - Maps)
London Map with the new routing extension enabled (based on OpenStreetMap Routing Service) on top of Google Streets, Bing Aerial and OpenStreetMaps base layers. A route is created by placing at least one ...
13. Google Maps
(WISroGIS - Maps)
This map lists all base layers available from Google Maps: Streets, Hybrid, Satellite and Terrain. The map is set to use EPGS: 900913 projection; all Google layers use spherical Mercator projection. Mouse ...
14. Custom map layers (WMS, Tiles)
(WISroGIS - Maps)
Map below shows a number of custom layers from various 3rd party servers, all shown as base layers, as well as Google Maps types; Latest Visitors layer overlayed. Layer Layer Code ArcGIS ...
15. Crop Circles
(WISroGIS - Maps)
Crop circle image overlay on top of several baselayers ... also referred to as crop formations, because they are not always circular in shape.  ...
This is the HTML description of the map Paris city map with multiple source base layers: Google hybrid, Yahoo satellite, OpenStreetMaps Mapnik, Bing roads Paris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ...
17. Berlin map & custom measurement
(WISroGIS - Maps)
Map of Berlin with multiple base layers - custom measurement style  ...
18. Amsterdan cycling
(WISroGIS - Maps)
Amsterdam city map with OpenStreetMap Cycle Map and Yahoo Satellite layers  ...
19. Google Streets
(WISroGIS - Layer on Map : London Map and routing)
Google Streets, base layer, spherical Mercator ...
20. Bing Aerial
(WISroGIS - Layer on Map : London Map and routing)
Bing (Virtual Earth) Aerial, base layer, spherical Mercator ...
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April 2011: WISroGIS Webris 3 for Joomla 1.6 is available !

The new WISroGIS for Joomla 1.5/1.6 brings new features and improved jQuery frontend interface:

  • Placemarks Slideshow on map with limit and sort parameters
  • jQuery interface for extensions display
  • Nominatim location search - geocoder extension
  • Multiple waypoints for routing
  • Placemarks world travel sample data
  • Country flag styles added to library
  • Placemark layers - list markers below map
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