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1. Weather map
(WISroGIS - Maps)
Sample weather map displaying weather in various Europe locations. The map overlayes the weather information generated and maintaned by WISroGIS Yahoo Weather. Available on map are the 100 latest visitors ...
2. Mapping GPX navigation data
(WISroGIS - Maps)
Multiple base layers with GPX files overlay: Zoom to each region (country) to see details of navigation tracks: Czech Republic, Austria and Netherlands. The first two tracks have only track information. ...
3. Articles geotagging
(WISroGIS - Maps)
Sample map for article geotagging. The map shows an overlay with the articles from 'Latest Maps' category for which the geotagging information was set. The map's center is automatically set so that all ...
4. Building Custom Image Maps
(News/Latest Maps)
Tactical pilotage chart map displayed using Zoomify image layer. Placemarks can be overlayed on top of the image/map to show annotations or additional information. The map's projection (Advanced ...
5. WISroGIS Revision History
... ment - reseting filter by type * 0000119: [Interface] Layer types images * 0000124: [Feature] Version upgrade information * 0000016: [Feature] SOBI2 icons, images optional displa ...
April 2012: WISroGIS 3.4 rev.1 brings fully translated Italian interface. Thank you, Massimo, for your hard work !
7. WISroGIS 3.4 out of the box
March 2012: version 3.4 of WISroGIS is now released, featuring new core JavaScript library: OpenLayers 2.11 March 29, 2012 - WISroGIS Webris 3.4 rev.0 * 0000253: [GIS] OpenLayers 2.11 core JavaScript ...
August 2012: WISroGIS 3.5 for Joomla comes with upgraded OpenLayers 2.12 JavaScript core Read more and order ! WISroGIS Key features: OpenLayers 2.12 core JavaScript ...
10. Placemarks Clustering
(News/Latest Maps)
Placemarks clustering allow you display points representing clusters of features within some pixel distance. Instead of displaying the placemarks from within a search radius, a single icon ...
11. Simple ESRI Map
(News/Latest Maps)
You can easily create a Simple ESRI map using the layer from ESRI's server. Alternatively, the Google Satellite layer can be selected. The map uses a custom layer to access a map cache provided in ...
12. Multiple waypoint routing
(News/Latest Maps)
WISroGIS Webris 3.0 features a new routing extension (based on OpenStreetMap Routing Service). Sample map shows routing interface below a multiple base layer map - Google Streets, Bing Aerial and OpenStreetMaps ...
13. Placemarks Slideshow
(News/Latest Maps)
Various travel locations from around the world. Short description of placemarks courtesy to wikipedia.org. Map's initial position and zoom level is automatically determined so that all placemarks are ...
14. Joomla articles geotagging
(News/Latest Maps)
This is a sample map for article geotagging; it shows an overlay with the articles from 'Latest Maps' category for which the geotagging information was set. All articles share the layer's chosen icon, ...
15. Mapping GPX navigation data
(News/Latest Maps)
... The first two GPX tracks contain only geographical information, no additional details. The Netherlands GPX file displays both tracks and waypoints width route details (click on each track element to see ...
17. Content Layouts
(About Joomla!/The CMS)
... your information. You can also change the style of content dynamically depending on your preferences. Joomla! calls how a page is laid out a layout. Use the guide below to understand which layouts are ...
18. Extensions
(About Joomla!/The CMS)
... and Back-end to be presented in the local preferred language. Note these packs do not have any impact on the actual content such as Articles. More information on languages is available from the http://community.joomla.org/translations.html ...
19. Support and Documentation
(About Joomla!/The Project)
Support Support for the Joomla! CMS can be found on several places. The best place to start would be the Joomla! Official Documentation Wiki. Here you can help yourself to the information that is regularly ...
20. The CMS
Information about the software behind Joomla!  ...


WISroGIS Webris 3.3 is available for download now !

As of February 28, 2012 WISroGIS Webris 3.3 rev.0 is released:

* 0000056: [Feature] Add Copy option in Maps and Layers Manager 
* 0000241: [Feature] Google API Key not required for ver.3 
* 0000242: [Feature] Routing configurable `Add to start/stop` in bubbles' text 
* 0000243: [Feature] Add navigate/routing switch in routing interface 
* 0000249: [Feature] More link target on SOBI2 bubbles 
* 0000215: [Feature] Limit articles number in category/section layers 
* 0000244: [Feature] Articles sort order (to be used together with limit number) in category/section layers 
* 0000250: [Interface] Google Maps Attribution block positioning 
* 0000251: [Interface] Disable SOBI2 in map config for Joomla 1.6 and higher 
* 0000247: [Interface] Backend top options/managers not selected after various ops 
* 0000235: [Bug] SOBI2 unpublished and unapproved entries 
* 0000240: [Feature] jQuery library load enable/disable option


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