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1. Weather map
(WISroGIS - Maps)
Sample weather map displaying weather in various Europe locations. The map overlayes the weather information generated and maintaned by WISroGIS Yahoo Weather. Available on map are the 100 latest visitors ...
2. Visitors Map
(WISroGIS - Maps)
Last 100 visitors & users from the site are geocoded based on their IP addresses and displayed on the map (external WISroGIS Vistors plugin). Visitors details are shown on top of Google/Yahoo/Bing/OpenStreetMap ...
3. Placemarks Slideshow Map
(WISroGIS - Maps)
... location added by enabling on map's configuration the Yahoo Weather plugin (part of WISroGIS Power Pack).  ...
4. OpenStreetMaps
(WISroGIS - Maps)
OpenStreetMap creates and provides free geographic data such as street maps to anyone who wants them. Osmarender layer no longer supported (service retired); unpublishing layer in WISroGIS Layers Manager ...
Map below shows a number of custom layers from various 3rd party servers, all shown as base layers, as well as Google Maps types; Latest Visitors layer overlayed. Layer Layer Code ArcGIS ...
6. Sample KML
(WISroGIS - Layer on Map : Combined Google/Yahoo,Bing,OSM map)
How to add a KML layer in WISroGIS ...
7. Building Custom Image Maps
(News/Latest Maps)
Tactical pilotage chart map displayed using Zoomify image layer. Placemarks can be overlayed on top of the image/map to show annotations or additional information. The map's projection (Advanced ...
8. WISroGIS Revision History
May 18, 2012 - WISroGIS Webris 3.4 rev.4 *  0000278: [Bug] Placemark geocoding fetch coordinates not working (Google geocoder changes) *  0000279: [GIS] Google ver.3 showing persistent popup info over ...
April 2012: WISroGIS 3.4 rev.1 brings fully translated Italian interface. Thank you, Massimo, for your hard work !  ...
10. WISroGIS 3.4 out of the box
March 2012: version 3.4 of WISroGIS is now released, featuring new core JavaScript library: OpenLayers 2.11 March 29, 2012 - WISroGIS Webris 3.4 rev.0 * 0000253: [GIS] OpenLayers 2.11 core JavaScript ...
August 2012: WISroGIS 3.5 for Joomla comes with upgraded OpenLayers 2.12 JavaScript core Read more and order ! WISroGIS Key features: OpenLayers 2.12 core JavaScript ...
March 01, 2012 WISroGIS Webris 3.3 rev.2 is released, containing a number of important bug fixing March 01, 2012 - WISroGIS Webris 3.3 rev.2 * 0000256: [Bug] Map not saving changes on Joomla 2.5 * ...
WISroGIS Webris 3.3 is available for download now ! As of February 28, 2012 WISroGIS Webris 3.3 rev.0 is released: * 0000056: [Feature] Add Copy option in Maps and Layers Manager  * 0000241: [Feature] ...
14. Custom layers (WMS, TMS)
(News/Latest Maps)
Map below shows a number of custom layers from various 3rd party servers, all shown as base layers, as well as Google Maps types; Latest Visitors layer overlayed. Layer Layer Code ArcGIS ...
  Starting February, 2012, WISroGIS Webris 3.2 for Joomla 2.5 is available ! February 06, 2012 - WISroGIS Webris 3.2 rev.0 - Revision History * 0000230: [General] Joomla 2.5 compatibility  * 0000176: ...
Many thanks to Mårten Johansson - he made an simple integration between the WISroGIS and Form2Content: http://forum.form2content.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=136. It´s a really simple hack that's writing ...
August 2011: WISroGIS Webris 3.1 is Joomla 1.7 compatible. All Joomla! 1.6 users are being advised to upgrade to the latest Joomla version 1.7, as Joomla.org will continue to provide support for Joomla ...
18. Placemarks Clustering
(News/Latest Maps)
Placemarks clustering allow you display points representing clusters of features within some pixel distance. Instead of displaying the placemarks from within a search radius, a single icon ...
19. Simple ESRI Map
(News/Latest Maps)
... spherical mercator by ESRI. Please refer to WISroGIS Tutorials for full details.  ...
20. Multiple waypoint routing
(News/Latest Maps)
WISroGIS Webris 3.0 features a new routing extension (based on OpenStreetMap Routing Service). Sample map shows routing interface below a multiple base layer map - Google Streets, Bing Aerial and OpenStreetMaps ...
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September 2010: Version 2.0 Webris released !

WISroGIS 2.0 Webris - component & plugin for visual maps and layers management under Joomla CMS.

WISroGIS offer support for most commercial mapping sources, as Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps (former Virtual Earth), OpenStreetMap and many more.

Besides the above maps use, the user may access map data sources through the standard geospatial web services, such as WMS.

The maps may be used – as stand alone content or embeded into Joomla articles – to present various locations or overlay any type of geospatial information – places of interest, business locations etc.

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